Branches of Industry: IT in different industries.


Brief description of the technique, technology and main features.   Work of the system is based on use of neural networks, which allow to carry out correct identification even if there are age changes, emotions, glasses. It is the most important problem in face recognition..


Novelty of the product.  Own preprocessing methods of entrance images are developed. The original neural network decisions for construction of the face recognition system are considered. The developed architectures are architectures of higher level due to integration of  separate neural networks in a single system.


Urgency. Existing approaches in face recognition task do not guarantee an absolute correct identification, so the primary goal is quality improvement of recognition, correct recognition even if there are age changes and emotions on face, an opportunity of work with big databases of persons.


Advantages in comparison with analogs. The developed methods show high efficiency in face recognition tasks. A trained neural network functions quickly enough, what is especially important in the real time mode. Besides possessing high generalizing abilities neural networks can correct recognize persons even if there are age changes and emotions. The developed system also is optimized for work with big database.


Purpose. The developed software can facilitate work of employees of customs check points and increase quality of work. The system is intended for elimination of influence of psychological state (weariness and other factors) on quality of work. The system can substitute a person completely at the control of access over any object.


Field of application. Customs and other check points (including automatic); the analysis of the information received from electronic surveillance devices ( for detection investigated  persons, for example).

The basic potential consumers of development.: Customs and other check points


Brest state technical university

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