Industry:  IT in different industries.


Brief description of the technique, technology and main features.  Bundled software is based on developed with bounds of Scientific Research Work №549/17 (Public Registration №20061227) algorithms for digital data into multimedia files embedding using different key schemes and set of algorithms for hidden messages detection in multimedia files that use file’s statistics analysis tools.


Novelty of the product. Bundled software is based on new digital information hiding algorithms and new hidden digital data detection algorithms that have been developed by post-graduated students of Intelligence Systems department. All main scientific results are published in reviewed scientific publications and have been presented on several international conferences. Report about new hidden data detection algorithms development has been awarded by IEEE diploma (Vilnius, 2009).


Urgency. Scientific urgency of the research in based on high level of computerization of the nowadays society and on grow number of possibilities how digital information could be reached, stored and transferred from peer-to-peer.


Advantages in comparison with analogs. The feature the developed bundled software is that it provides possibilities to use different key schemes in data hiding processes and that it is based on new set of algorithms of hidden data detection that shows higher efficiency compare with known algorithms.


Purpose. Bundled software is developed to be used in processes of electronic documents circulation of any company to provide possibility of secret digital data hiding in multimedia files. Research part of bundled software is developed for multimedia files analysis to detect fact of digital data embedding into these files, and also for multimedia files analysis to find one the best store for secret data.


Field of application: developed software could be used in electronic documents circulation of any company in any industry.


The basic technical and economic parameters. New data embedding algorithms usage allows to increase carrying capacity of multimedia channels of data hiding without additional distortions inserting.


Type of the specimen (an exhibit). Bundled software “Steganoprocessor” has been introduced into the study process of the Intelligence Systems department and into electronic documents circulation of the “LeverX International” and “CLabs Ltd” that are residents of Belarus Hi-Tech Park.


The basic potential consumers of development. Main users of this bundled software could be any companies that are using electronic documents circulation.


Proposed Forms of Cooperation. Productive usage of the developed bundled software with following support, development of new versions of the “Steganoprocessor”, joint scientific researches in area of steganographical data protection.



Belarus State University

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