Software to improve the accuracy of the complex software and hardware «FILIN-A»

The novelty of the project The chirp signal has been used for the first time to improve the precision of assessment of speech intelligibility and methods of its processing for signal isolation from noise. New results of precision improvement are obtained, sensitivity of «FILIN-A» is improved, functional capabilities are enhanced.

Relevance Increase in volume and value of information, complication of information systems, as well as the growth of technical and organisational possibilities for information interception gave rise to adjust the requirements to information protection characteristics, to searching, detection, storage, processing and representation of data in real time.
Improvement of measuring instruments and their integration with the elements of computing and microprocessor technologies, their introduction into the measurement process solves the problem of establishing and assessing LF-HF leakage channels of voice information, assessment of the extent of its protection in real time and with high precision, according to the criteria of speech intelligibility and signal noise/based correlation theory of speech intelligibility.

Advantages over analogues Advantages over the analogues:
• allows to estimate power of a signal and power of noise simultaneously;
• to make measurements not in separate locations, but in the whole frequency band;
• lowering the threshold for reliable isolation of the chirp signal;
• to exclude the effects of reverberation and resonance;
• to increase the sensitivity of the local measuring scheme;
• to take into account the unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristics

Designation Special software as part of «FILIN-A» is designed for real time control and assessment of possible channels of verbal information leakage.

Scope of application The software improves the accuracy of speech intelligibility assessment in adverse conditions and is aimed primarily at determining the degree of protection of objects from the leakage of audio information via several leakage channels simultaneously.

Title of protection

Exhibit type Software

Main potential consumers Law enforcement agencies, banks, customs services, Ministry of Railways, geodesy and cartography service, Ministry of Atomic Energy, National Academy of Science , Belarus

Proposed forms of cooperation Production / development of information security


Polotsk State University