Method for estimation of security from leakage of a speech signal

Brief description. The method is realized in the following way. The source of a test signal is established in a point of location of a source of fields of dispersion of a speech signal digital system of transfer of the speech information, and in a point of reception of fields of dispersion of a speech signal - the receiver of a symmetric signal. In each of these points leak both in the form of magnetic, and in the form of electric signals is possible. Of a test signal in a source of signals form a measuring analogue signal for the symmetric channel in the form of an antiphase either orthogonal signal, or a signal with a passive pause. The generated signal n-multiply submit on an input of digital system of an information transfer (on an input analogue-digitizer). For allocation of a necessary signal and elimination of the possible noise components which have arisen at formation of a measuring analogue signal, it is limited on frequency. The received signal will be transformed with an analogue-digital converter to digital sequence of impulses of a binary code. At the reception part of digital system of transfer digital sequence of impulses of a binary code is accepted (an input of the digital-to-analogue converter). The receiver of a symmetric signal in each of reception points accepts a measuring signal. In the block of synchronous accumulation a signal n-multiply is remembered, accumulated, normalized, read out. The operating mode and synchronization of the block of synchronous accumulation with the receiver of a symmetric signal are provided in line with the cascade and the synchro-generator. Further the energy of bit of a signal Ec and spectral density of capacity of noise N0 are measured , their relation Ec/N0 is calculated. The size of probability of reception of false bit Рл under the known relation of Ec/N0 in dependence Рл=f (Es/N0) from a kind of signals is defined.

The novelty of the project Support of security of the speech information by its transfer to the digital form without use of techniques of coding and enciphering.

Relevance. The method provides increase of reliability of an estimation of security of the speech information at its transformation from analogue in the digital form, its transfer to the digital form on digital systems of transfer, and also at the further transformation of a speech signal from the digital form in the analogue.

Advantages over analogues Possibility of an estimation of degree of security of the speech information from leakage at its transformation to the digital form, by its transfer and at return transformation from the digital form to the analogue.

Scope of application Can be applied in channels of transfer of a speech signal and channels to transfer of a soundtrack of the video signal, transmitted in the form of orthogonal, antiphase signals and signals with a passive pause.

Scope of application Invention application № 20100293 on 01.03.2010

Introduced at Research and testing laboratory for technical protection of information at Polotsk State University

Main potential consumers Law enforcement agencies, banks, customs services, geodesy and cartography service, Ministry of Atomic Energy, National Academy of Science , Belarus

Proposed forms of cooperation Production / development of information security


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