The Automated technology of drawing thin-film strengthening siliceous protective coatings

The short description of a method, technology, process, etc., the main features in the course: of work were made experiments by determination of the main managing parameters of engineering procedure of drawing thin-film coverings with use of arc plasma, the analysis of possibility of application of various types of devices for regulation and measurement of expenses of gases was carried out. The design of the anode of a plasmatron is developed for plasmochemical drawing coverings.

Novelty of development: is enhanced technology of drawing thin-film strengthening siliceous protective coatings at the expense of its automation performing preliminary setup and start of installation, control and correction of parameters of management in the course of work, a system stop in case of an emergency.

Relevance of work: hardening of metal surfaces by drawing thin-film coverings is the resource-saving technology, allowing to reach required results with the minimum material and energy costs.

Benefits before analogs: improvement of quality of drawing thin-film protective coatings from arc plasma with an atmospheric pressure at the expense of stabilization of maintenance of process parameters, optimization of work of the personnel, increase of accuracy of pilot studies.

Purpose of the automated technology: drawing thin-film strengthening siliceous coverings on metal surfaces of the industrial equipment working in the conditions of high temperatures in contact with oxygencontaining environments.

Scope: automated control systems for continuous engineering procedures.

The main technical and economic indicators: 1) the accuracy of setup of process parameters shall constitute 7-10% from nominal rates, 2) the accuracy of maintenance of structure of 2-3%;

The security document: the Patent RB for useful model No. 8893 «The plasmatron anode for plasmochemical drawing»

Exhibit type (development representation at an exhibition): presentation.

Where development (the organization name) is implemented: the act of implementation of results of NIR «Optimization of Technology of Drawing Thin-film Siliceous Coverings for Protection of Metal Surfaces against Depreciation in case of Action of High Contact Pressures» in laboratory process NILE «Resource-saving technologies» UO MGPU of a name of Nominative of Shamyakin

Main potential consumers of development (organization name): JSC Mozyrsky Oil Refinery

Offered forms of cooperation: Joint NIOKTR

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Mozyrsky state pedagogical university of a name of Nominative of Shamyakin

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Research supervisor - Golozubov Andrey Leonidovich, the associate professor of bases of construction and MPSD, Candidate of Technical Sciences, the associate professor

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Student - KupratsevichYuryNikolaevich, the 5th rate