The Internet - pollution maps of Minsk according to Environment monitoring.

Short description:
a) representation in visual form the measurement of pollution of Minsk;
b) the creation of a user-friendly site with a clear presentation of the results obtained from the monitoring stations of the environment;
c) creating a comfortable environment for the site administrator. Ability to enter data, modify, edit, delete data collected from the monitoring stations of the environment;
e) Content Site on the Internet. Promotion of information services for analysis of pollution in Minsk.

The novelty of the design: due to the ecological web map any Internet user can get information about the condition of the air in his area in Minsk.

Actuality: in the world should be created as many sites from an environmental focus, as at this stage of human development is one of the main problems. Statistics show that every year the air pollution is growing and if you do not provide a basis for behavior change inhibitory factor, it can lead to serious ecological disaster. Should form the basis of the media, including the most popular ones - web-sites.

Advantage over similar products: data on air pollution in Minsk presented in a convenient form - the chart with shares of pollutants, histograms, graphs.

Purpose: monitoring of air quality assessment, prediction and detection of trends in atmospheric conditions to prevent negative situations that threaten human health and the environment.

Scope: the data on pollution are of practical importance for all those interested in the ecology of the city and is of value to people who want to rent or buy housing in the most clean area.

The main technical and economic indicators: the daily provision of information about the contamination of certain areas of the city. Provision of information on trends in the equation of pollution over the last month.

The security document: none.

View the exhibit: a software tool.

Where implemented development: introduced in the learning process of physics and higher mathematics in ISEU. AD Sakharov.

The main potential consumers of development (organization): Real Estate Agents (to advertise the property in the most friendly areas): "Your Capital", "Aresa-service real estate", "Houses", etc.

The forms of cooperation: cooperation with the "National Centre for Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring"


International State Ecological University. AD Sakharov

231000, Grodno, Smorgon, st. Anniversary 29-68

Tel. (8033) -300-87-73

Supervisor: Shchukin Mikhail V., associate professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences

Student: Vysotsky Dmitry