Boring cutting tool with micrometric adjustment

Short description of method, technique, process etc., main features: tool module is provided with micrometric adjustment of cutting blades on the processing size that can handle holes with high precision.

Novelty of the product: the novelty is in the design of radial grooves on the tool holder which contribute to the backlash and clearances in micrometric adjusting pair.

Relevance: the necessity of this type of boring tool is very important. At the same time, the cost of the tool produced by foreign firms is high. Establishing their own production will reduce the cost of purchasing the instrument from 30% to 50%.

Advantages over the counterparts: the use of this tool in the metal treatment will increase the precision of boring tools by eliminating the gaps that occur in the micrometer screw pair.

Purpose: processing a wide range of diameters of holes.

Range of application: cutting tools.

Main technical-economic indicators: the planned reduction in the cost of acquisition of foreign-made instruments, and later their full replacement.

Protection: utility patent №. BY 9108 “Boring tool”, registered 03.01.2013

Sort of exhibit (presentation of the product on exhibition): handbill.

Where the product is used (organization): possible introduction of any machine-building enterprises.

Place of product implementation (name of organization): JSC « Orsha Tool Factory », JSC «MAZ», JSC «MTZ», JSC «BelAZ».

Supposed forms of collaboration: services for pilot production of tools.


Polotsk State University

211440, Novopolotsk, Blohin Street, 29

tel. (+375214) 53 52 35; fax (+375214) 53 06 79

Scientific adviser – Popok Nikolai, Ph.D., professor

Postgraduate – Gerasimov Andrew