Patch logarithmic spiral antenna

Short description of method, technique, process etc., main features: antenna comprises double-threaded spiral radiator, reflector disposed under the spiral radiator with clearance thereto. The reflector is a round metal disk. Clearance is filled with foam. The radiator is covered with a dielectric top cover that is fixed to it with bolts of Fluoroplast. Double flighted spiral radiator comprises two conductive branches of a logarithmic spiral-shaped made in the printed circuit board by FAS-4W-1, 5 GOST 21000-81. In addition, the spiral radiator includes a feeder, comprising two conductors made of cables without outer sheath. The conductors are soldered along the middle of the different arc of the double-threaded spiral radiator. The remaining area of the radiator is the substrate dielectric.

Novelty of the product: the novelty of this antenna is in the usage of a logarithmic spiral in the manufacture of the radiator, which increases the frequency range and ensures the principles of complementarity and electrodynamic similarity in a broader frequency range.

Relevance: the antenna is capable of performing communication with mobile objects: aerial vehicles, satellites and can be used in mobile communications.

Advantages over the counterparts: the frequency range of the antenna is expanded while its size is reduced.

Purpose: the reception and transmission of signals in the frequency range 0,62÷7,4GHz

Range of application: this antenna refers to the spiral antenna frequency-independent antennas for different purposes, for example, used in ground-based receivers, satellite communication systems, signals intelligence and radio countermeasures.

Main technical-economical indicators: operating frequency range 0,62 ÷ 7,4 GHz, small dimensions (210x210x60 mm), low price through cheap and non-deficient materials.

Name of protection: a utility model patent BY № 9207 " Spiral Antenna" regist. 15.02.2013.

Sort of exhibit (presentation of the product on exhibition): full-sized sample

Place of product implementation (name of organization): Educational Establishment "Polotsk State University", Department of Radio Electronics, used for training purposes of students.

Main potential product users (name of organization): enterprises of electronic industry.

Supposed forms of collaboration: exchange of information and service of development of industrial enterprises of electronic industry. Technological support on the use of antenna.

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Scientific adviser – Victor Yanushkevich, candidate of technical science., docent

Postgraduate – Karina Kremenia