The system of forced ventilation of a building, combined with its heating

Short description of the method, technique, process etc., main features: the developed system includes a supply air pipe, placed vertically inside of the building, equipped with adjustable air supply grilles into each ventilated room. The design features allow to re-use the heat contained in the flue gases.

Novelty of the development: the novelty of the developed system is the special placement of the pipe from the heat source within a vertical air supply pipe to heat the outside air by the escaping from the heat source gases.

Relevance: the proposed development solves the problem, aiming at energy and resource saving, which is of higher priority for the Republic of Belarus.

Advantages over similar products: the system of forced ventilation of a building, combined with its heating allow to reduce the load on the heating system, to save energy for the ventilation of buildings, providing comfortable accommodation at less material resources and energy costs, and to direct the saved thermal energy of the boiler to hot water, heating of greenhouses or swimming pools, winter garden, etc.

Purpose: low-rise housing construction of cottage-type buildings in residential areas of towns and rural areas, agro-towns, ecocountry houses, travel and hotel complexes, preschool institution, rural health care and trade institutions.

Range of application: engineering systems of buildings, heat and air supply systems, heating and ventilation.

Main technical and economic indicators: energy and material resources saving during the construction and operation of buildings is up to 35-40%.

Title of protection: utility model patent BY № 8998 «The system of forced ventilation of a building, combined with its heating», registed on 16.11.2012г.

Type of the exhibit (presentation of the product at a fair): handbill.

Place of the product implementation (name of the organization): the product is possible to introduce at any objects of low-rise building with self-contained heating and the use of individual heating boilers running on any type of fuel (solid, liquid or gaseous).

Main potential developmnet users (name of the organization): construction companies, building societies, individual developers, town, municipal and rural executive bodies.

Supposed forms of collaboration: field supervision and consultative services during the design and construction of objects, technological support during the operation, adjustment and control of heating and ventilation systems, thermotechnical and economic calculations for energy saving.


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Scientific consultant – Vladimir Lipko, PhD, associate professor

Postgraduate student– Olga Shirokova