The Automated technology of drawing thin-film strengthening siliceous protective coatings

Hardening of metal surfaces by drawing thin-film coverings is the resource-saving technology, allowing to reach required results with the minimum material and energy costs.
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Protective anti-corrosion sol-gel films

The application of these techniques can solve a number of critical issues, including the creation of heat-resistant, and the elements included in the design of gas ranges, operating at high temperatures to which high demands are placed on the preservation of decorative properties in operation and high durability, resistance to abrasion.
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1. The structure of standard assembly joints and their welded connec-tions for fast erected constructions of different issues from the composite bearing elements (CBE).

3. Maintenance of equal durability, bearing ability and teamwork of the welded shell armature and filler is distinctive features of the offered structures of standard assembly joints. At the expense of design features of welded shell armatures in the area of an assembly joint, additional reinforcing elements and protective overlays. CBE – is structure that consists from spatially stretched welded shell armature, stability of which thin-walled elements is raised at the expense of hardening fillers and ridge sheet reinforcing elements.
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Working body of the soil-cultivating car with macroheterogeneous structure

The technology of hardening consists from: - chemical heat treatment; - hardening and tempering.
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Rotary Tilt  Melting Furnaces are designed for recycling – smelting non-ferrous alloys and cast iron of low-grade waste. Pre-heating of  dispersed charge materials (swarf) before charging into electrosmelting furnace enables to considerably reduce the period of heating the material up to melting point. The process of heating in the  Rotary Tilt  Melting Furnace is provided in a dynamic layer at swirling flow of  heat transfer agent which ensures high heat transfer rate and efficient fuel use.

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